From Urban Nomads to Temporal Gardens

believe that at the beginning of an architect’s career, design becomes more attractive with the awareness of the temporal concept, because it involves an expiration date and it's strategic approach in such a complex way that has to be purely functional. These terms applied to the way of life result on the “URBAN NOMADS”, which are people who base their lives on mobility; they go from one place to another taking with them just the necessary things for survival. Is it true? Do they exist? Is it a fantasy or is the project of an artist is always making real their most anarchist feelings that all of us want to experiment some times? There are so many referents that become more well-known by the people that design a place for the homeless. Here are some links so that everyone can decide if they want bring their lives into a bag.

Paul Welkins, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Kacey Wong.

Michael Rakowitz, Kevin Cyr, Winfried Baumann.

Maybe I should talk about a contemporary worry that affects all artists in these days. Manifest a way of reaction, the fear of losing the green areas around the earth and a “pay attention” for everybody to have the conscious of this actual concern calling global warming. Sometimes more artistic interventions, sometimes really trying to fix the human problem called selfish. We’re talking about URBAN TEMPORAL GARDENS. Yes, because (today I feel “more green” than other days) I’d really like found with this surprises on the streets. There´re so many projects but I share the most well-done for me.

Sean Martindale & Eric Cheung, some like guerrilla gardening taking advantage of urban holes to plant some green. Interesting photos here.

This is “Urban buds” of Gionata Gatto, a portable garden shaped in the form of a movable suitcase. Users can grow vegetables and fruits on each side of the structure.

The Crack Garden, by CMG Landscape Architecture is beautiful, almost poetry.

This is a design by Vaughn Bell. He has a lot projects about gardens but I choose this outfit for the unique idea of carry on your own garden.

And the Dutch Annechien Meier that incorporates the idea of mobility and even more subversive transforming a plane or a bus into a garden.

And my favorite temporal garden, is the Public Farm 1 is a project designed by WORK Architecture Company for MoMA and P.S.1's Young Architects Program on New York.

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